For a time…

Dreams are hard to watch slip through our fingers!

Especially when you thought THIS was the right time and the right place for that vision to become a reality.

Hard work goes into making dreams come true but sometimes all the hard work in the world still doesn’t make that dream a reality.

Why is that?

I’ve been up since 2 a.m. just thinking and asking God questions.  Asking Him why we felt so sure it was His will for us to move through this wide open door, only to have that dream seemingly vanish into thin air.  Did we make a mistake?  Were we confused by circumstances?  Did we get ahead of Him?

Somehow, I keep hearing God say…”No…this is what I wanted for you for a time.”   My father-in-law sent an email to us late last night and in it he said some things that made things make at least a little more sense.  He said…

“Maybe it was the Lord’s will and through it He has brought you to this point in your life where He may further refine you and prepare you for other things.  Whether we realize it or not, often what we perceive to be the Lord’s will is His means to get us into His will that He has not yet revealed.  What we might say was a mistake, God says “no, it was necessary to bring you to where I want you to be down the road.”  I certainly cannot unravel all the varied aspects of how the Lord brings us to where He wants us, even using our mistakes and wrong decisions, if indeed this is what they are.  But if we truly believe that He is sovereign, that He has all wisdom and all power and that He loves us in Christ and will not lead us astray nor forsake us, then we must trust Him in all things, even though we do not understand how it can be and how it can be for our good and for His glory.  We cannot dwell on our subjective analysis of these things.  This will serve to do nothing but put us in a self-pitying frame of mind and we find fault with God for the way things have turned out.”

And so….even though this part of our dream has not turned out like we thought it would, I will still go on being “the beginning rancher’s wife” and I will revel in my role as a wife and a mother and in the ministry God has given our family through Artios Academies.  We will make some adjustments and we will move forward and we will find new ways to continue to use this beautiful setting of Colorado to minister to the hearts and souls of young people.


One thought on “For a time…

  1. Yes, it was not a mistake. It was a time of growing and seeing the spread that you can eventually build up to in a steady way. God makes no mistakes. He knows your heart is in the ministry of a ranch as well as home schooling, and He will help you expand to that point. I believe he wants it on a lesser scale for the time being to relieve stress and pressure.
    May the Lord bless you!!!

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