We’ve gone from 40 acres to 7.5…and if you don’t know the background to that…well, we probably just don’t know each other well enough *yet*!  But suffice it to say, that our adventure in managing someone else’s ranch is over and we are back on our original property here in Colorado.  Our dream to make that ranch ours just wasn’t meant to be.  We thought God led us there for one reason…but He had something else in mind.  Yes, we are disappointed…maybe even at first you could say we were a mixture of heartbroken, disillusioned and frustrated! Yet, now that we are back “home”, we feel like we are home from a very, VERY long excursion.

So, I’m working to snuggle my family into a much smaller space and we are working to tuck all the animals into a new property.  The move was not smooth…but it’s behind us now and I’m slowly…and I mean VERY slowly…getting things organized and put away.  We’ve been back a week…so you can probably picture where we are at in the process.

But since everyone these days is talking about the new buzzword of “simplifying”, I thought maybe you would be interested in the process our family is going to have to walk through to fit back into this sweet home.  Don’t feel sorry for us!  HA!  We look out on a beautiful mountain view, and the interior of the house is gorgeous with all the milled wordwork, beetlekill pine, pine ceilings etc.  But, alas, it is quite small….and quite open.  So, I’m having to think outside of the box and I know its going to take some simplifying in the areas of eliminating unneeded items, consolidating, dual purpose rooms and closets and much more.

Interested in following the progress? Maybe you can even share some of your space saving and organizational ideas with me to help me along this journey.  I’d love that!

In the meantime, just let me tell you that we are down to four horses on the property (two others are for sale and being kept in the common pasture), 9 goats (hallelujah)….Mr. Tumnus, Clover and Clover’s doeling were taken by someone the *day* that we moved…24 chickens….and Oscar…our faithful dog who tries to herd everything…including chickens.  They are settling in well!  We’ve gotten son #3 settled in college, our new Artios intern settled in her apartment down in Denver, son #4 semi-settled up in the loft and the rest….well, the rest is a work in progress.

Life is an adventure isn’t it!  I have a feeling that settling in here is going to be an adventure all its own.  I hope you will join me…and I hope you will share all your ideas and suggestions with me.

Faith and Courage,



One thought on “Simplifying

  1. Great blog!!
    In your blog I see more of a relaxed spirit which comes with simplifying. I have a book, The Simple Home, by Sharon Hanby-Robie, an interior designer. It is a faith-filled guide to simplicity, peace and joy in your home. It is about the spirit of simple living. She has all kinds of suggestions for simply decorating and setting up a home. It has a lot of ideas!
    Here is a quote from her book. “The ideal home is one in which the family may be most completely sheltered to develop in love, graciousness, and individuality, and which is at the same time most accessible to friends, toward whom hospitality is as unconscious and spontaneous as it is abundant. Emerson says that the ornament of a house in the friends who frequent it. — Charles Keeler, The Simple Home.
    She also has a devotional, Beautiful Places, Spiritual Spaces which I also have.

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