Dear Tin Roof,

Dear Tin Roof,

I didn’t realize how much I’d missed you until I woke up this morning and heard the rain steadily falling on you in a soft, rhythmic, drum-like roll.  No one else is awake to enjoy this sound.  And so..I sit quietly with my Chai, listening to you softly talk to me in reassuring rhythms…telling me that All Is Well, reminding me of all the things for which I can be thankful, reassuring me that the God of the Universe is the same yesterday, today and forever, and focusing my sights on the little things…the little things that make life so meaningful.

I’m glad to be back under your protection Tin Roof!  You remind me of the constant protection that I enjoy under the “roof” of my heavenly Father’s care.  Under His “roof” I can hear the rain, the winds, the storms of life and yes, I can even be affected by them.  Yet, I am under His care and under His protection.  There is not a hair from my head that He doesn’t know about or that isn’t part of His plan.  There is not a sparrow that falls from the sky of whom He is not aware.

And so, as I sit quietly LISTENING and RESTING under your protection Tin Roof…I must also sit quietly listening and resting in the knowledge that I am always being protected, loved and cared for by the One who gave Himself for me!

Faith and Courage,




One thought on “Dear Tin Roof,

  1. That is so wonderful!! Terrific!!! Love it!!!

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