Progress!…well, not so much!

I wish that I could say I’ve made huge strides in getting organized at the house since the move back to our “old, new house” and I wish that I could say that all the boxes are unpacked at the office and that all my files and notebooks are all in order.

But….not so much!
Sometimes it’s frustrating trying to do “life” while “doing life”.  Do you know what I mean?  Sometimes you wish that everything around you would just stop long enough for you to complete the task of “getting it together”.

But that’s not *real* life is it?

And so, I find a few minutes here, an hour there….to unpack a box, organize a drawer, plan a closet.  But it’s going to take some time…longer than I want it to.  So, I guess I have a choice to make.  I can get irritated, out-of-sorts, and frustrated with the whole scenario.  OR, I can take it as it comes…do what I can….and flex with the moment.

Sometimes I do really well with the whole flex thing!  But then there are times when I can’t find something, or I’ve walked around a box one too many times, or someone is asking me, yet again, where something is, that I fret and fluster.

Argh!  Deep breath!  One foot in front of the other….one box at a time…one project at a time…and a focus on what’s important…the people in my life.

For me, that’s easier said than done.  How about you?


2 thoughts on “Progress!…well, not so much!

  1. Very well expressed! It makes me think of what I have brought into the house that needs integrated or passed on to others, maybe even a thrift store.

  2. I am cleaning and decluttering and organizing my sewing/guest bedroom.I am becoming so tired and frustrated with it I want to pile it all back into the room and forget about it! But I stop myself from doing that and just take it one baby step at a time …no matter how long it takes! But jeez,I want to get it done soon!!

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