Catching Up!

Yes, I know!  It has been months since I blogged here.  As my friend said to me yesterday….”If I didn’t know you, and know that the events you have experienced are real, I would never believe all this could happen to one family.”

I have to agree!  If I wasn’t “living it”, I wouldn’t believe it either.  But, God is faithful and I’m trying to be the same.

It’s been full….it’s been challenging…and it’s been a time of growth.

So, as I get started back blogging a bit, perhaps I will share some of these things with you.  Sometimes, it’s hard to know if anyone is out there listening..but that’s really not the point.  I blog here to record my life…and if that’s helpful to others…that’s an added blessing.

Catching up soon!

Faith and Courage,




One thought on “Catching Up!

  1. Oh,you can’t tease us like that and not tell us what’s been going on!! LOL! Glad to see you post again.

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