It’s Father’s Day…and Mr. Janke Called Me!

The phone rang yesterday.  I kept hearing it ring but I was outside planting flowers.  You know the ones that I will kill…or this Rocky Mountain altitude will kill off in the next few weeks.

Anyway, I heard the phone ring….and then ring again…and then ring again!  So, when I came inside, I checked the caller ID and guess who had been calling me.  Yes, that’s right!  Mr. Janke had been calling.  I quickly tried to call back but got his voice mail, so I ran to my computer and emailed him as well.

Eventually, he called back and we talked and talked and talked.  Laughed about old times and talked about life in general.  Kind of like we used to do when I was growing up.

You see, Mr. Janke was my “dad” growing up.  All my boys know his name.  Oh, how I wish they could meet him face to face.  Because you see, he has had an impact on them, even though they have never met him.  I’ve told them all about him.  I’ve told dozens of my students all about him.  And, when I speak to parent groups, I tell them all about him too!


Because, he invested in me so that ultimately, I could invest in them.

You remember the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life.  Remember, what a far reaching influence George Bailey’s life had on those around him?  Well, that’s Mr. Janke!  Want to more of this story….be sure to read:

Happy Father’s Day Mr. Janke

I think this was probably the best Father’s Day weekend I have ever had.

May we all be “investors” in the lives of others!

Faith and Courage,



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