Bathroom redo

We are in the middle of a bathroom redo…in fact we have been in the middle of the redo since last November.  HA!

Does that sound familiar?

Sometimes, I watch the HGTV shows and see these folks looking for a house where they can move in and not have to do anything and I wonder….does that scenario really exist?  Doesn’t everyone want to make a house their own….their home?

So…we had a limited budget for this bathroom.  In fact, there really wasn’t a budget so I started looking for bathtubs, sinks and toilets on Craig’s List.  Yes, I know that sounds gross….but I waited and waited and was picky and finally found a complete set from one home that had been on a second floor of a seldom used condo…so the pieces looked and felt almost completely new. We go those in before Thanksgiving last year when we had alot of family and friends coming for Thanksgiving.  Then, we had to think about the floor.

Found the floor back in July.  Unsealed natural slate flooring that was available for about $1.38 a square foot.  Can’t beat that. But, the installation process is quite labor intensive and we are still waiting to seal and grout…BUT, at least it is down and I’m not walking on concrete.  Once that’s done…we can put in the vanity (handmade by John) and the benches.

Here’s the thing!

Life is never perfect….and there is always some project that needs to be started or completed.

Sometimes that makes me tired!  But, I usually feel that way when I’m fighting against the process and just want the project.

I talk alot about priorities of people, process and product in our ministry with Artios…perhaps I should apply the same thing to this whole “perfect home” ideal I carry around with me.



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