No Cooking with Grandma this Week


This week there won’t be a “Cooking with Grandma” post as I’m traveling and interacting with 140 kids from the various Artios campuses while we are all attending the High School Fine Arts Competition in Greenville, SC.  But, hopefully, I’ll be back up on that series two weeks from today when I’m back home and in my own kitchen again.

In the meantime, I wanted to publicly do what I’m privately doing during the month of November and that is to each day focus specifically on different things that I am thankful for. It has been said that one can’t be worried or anxious if one is focused on having a heart of gratitude and thankfulness.  I have been trying this consistently over the past couple of years, and although I am far from perfect at doing it, I do know that when I put the principle into practice, it does prove itself to be true.

The following are in no particular order.  Once again, I’m writing in “stream of consciousness” style.

Day One – I am grateful for the balcony people in my life.  These are those people that instead of negatively criticizing or complaining about me consistently inspire and cheer me on.  It’s like being on the “playing field” and looking up in the stands and seeing a group of people specifically cheering and encouraging you.  That means SO much!

Day Two – I am grateful for a husband that has been and continues to be my number one “balcony person.”  It takes a strong man to lead a strong woman.  So thankful that God provided me with a man that has what it takes to lead me and while leading to also be an encouragement to me.  Over the years, I’ve seen alot of examples of men that were looked at as “strong leaders” simply because they had strong and sometimes even overbearing personalities but i I never saw them demonstrate servant leadership or the type of leadership in the home described in Scripture as “loving your wife more than your own body.”  So very thankful to have a husband who is a strong man who wasn’t scared off by a strong woman.  He has raised sons that are demonstrating that same type of leadership in their own homes and lives…which makes me doubly grateful.

Day Three – I am thankful that God gave me a passion to work with and around young people and that every day of my life, I am given the opportunity to use that passion.

I probably won’t post every day this month…but will try and post from time to time and share with you the things I am thankful for as we lead up to Thanksgiving.

Faith and Courage, Lori


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