Catching Up With Thankfulness

I am a big proponent of writing things down in a journal.  That principle applies to Scripture that touches my heart, goals that I have, things to pray about, things I have to do, and yes, things I am thankful for.  As usual, I’ve fallen behind this month in documenting those things that I’m thankful for…but I have definitely been pondering it.  Sometimes when you read lists like this, from the outside looking in, the list can appear trite.  But, I assure you…these are all things for which I am eternally grateful.  I did Days 1-3 in the last post…so, I’ll begin with Day 4.

Day Four – I am thankful and amazed that God reached down and saved me…saved me when I had nothing to offer and nothing good to bring before Him.

Day Five – I am thankful that God made each of my sons so unique and different from one another because He had unique and different callings and purposes for each of them.

Day Six – I am thankful that I am getting “older”….(notice I didn’t say “old)…because with growing “older” comes the ability to look back and definitively see God’s hand at work…orchestrating each and every event in my life.

Day Seven – I am thankful that I have the ability to work in ministry/business with my family.

Day Eight – I am thankful that my children love their God and are seeking His face.

Day Nine – I am thankful that God has allowed me to live in the state of Colorado…the state that brings me the most peace and contentment…and that I can be surrounded by such incredible evidence of God’s creativity each and every day.

Day Ten – I am thankful that we finally have a church in our area that we can attend knowing that God’s word will be preached each and every Sunday.

Day Eleven – I am VERY grateful that our third son, after struggling with illness for several years, appears to be on the upswing.

Day Twelve – I am SO grateful for my mom and the sacrifices that she made so that I could have such an incredible educational experience and training growing up.

Day Thirteen – I am thankful that I have a piano in my home on which I can practice and through which I can communicate with some of my deepest emotions.

Day Fourteen – I am thankful for the team of people that God has put together in the ministry of Artios Academies.

Day Fifteen – I am thankful that God brought Windy to my son John.  She is his perfect completer…and a wonderful addition to our family.

Day Sixteen – I am thankful that God brought Jessica to my son Jeremy.  She is his loving helpmeet…and such a joy to watch as a wife and mother.

Day Seventeen – I am thankful for our granddaughter Emma…and for the joy she brings to each of us as we experience life anew through her eyes.

Day Eighteen – I am thankful for the new grandbaby that will join us in December…I would tell you her name…but it’s a secret! : )

Day Nineteen – I am thankful for the new grandbaby that will join us in March.

Day Twenty – I am thankful for John Michael and the way he has allowed God to use him in the lives of young people as a positive influence and role model….and the way God has used him in our lives as an encourager and a colleague.

Day Twenty-one – I am thankful for Jeremy…for his desire to do the right thing and for his strong and determined spirit to be what he needs to be to his wife and children…and the way God has used Jeremy in our lives to inspire and challenge.

Day Twenty-two – I am thankful for Jordan…for his teachability and his strong desire to follow God’s leading in his life no matter what the cost…and for the way he has been willing to walk alongside us through good times and bad…and for him being such a great big brother to Jared.

Day Twenty-three – I am thankful for Jared…for his constant joy in every area of life…for his excitement and enthusiasm…and for the way he desires to study Scripture in depth and on his own at such an early age.

Day Twenty-four – I am thankful for my “in-laws” and the way they have welcomed me into their family unconditionally…and for their friendship and guidance over the years.

Day Twenty-five – I am thankful that God supplied an office space for us to have outside of our home so that we could have the work space we needed without it invading our tiny house.

That catches me up…but I assure you…I could easily write more.  God has been faithful to me…even when I have not been faithful to me….and for that…I am also grateful.


One thought on “Catching Up With Thankfulness

  1. I praise the Lord for you and your love of the Lord and desire to do right! This is a tremendous list!! I appreciate your including me.

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