About Us


After years of dreaming and praying about a move, a little over seven years ago, we finally moved to Colorado.  Lori grew up in Colorado but after attending college in South Carolina, it appeared that the Lane family was destined to live in the South for the remainder of their lives.  No offense meant to the South or the wonderful folks who live there, BUT, we all had a strong yearning to “go west”. We tried and tried to get back to Colorado and nothing seemed to work.

Finally, we gave up!  and THAT is when things started to happen. God opened the doors wide open and we went running through them and have been in Colorado for seven years now!

After living in Colorado for a little over four years,  God seemed to be changing things up just a bit.  In April John’s job in financial project management, was abruptly eliminated along with most of the senior finance staff of his company.  You know the drill…….reduction in force and costs!  Many people around the country have been affected by the current state of our economy. To make a long story short, instead of feeling worried and nervous, we felt excited and looked forward to seeing what NEW thing God had for us.

So we tried our hand at “managing” a ranch property.  A time I now call a “sojourn”.  The “sojourn” was not what we expected, so we are now back at our original Colorado home and enjoying a smaller property where we are still busy with horses and chickens but no more goats.  (thank heavens)  John coaches the local high school baseball team each winter/spring and together we work in the ministry of Artios Academies.

John and I have been married for almost 30 years and have four sons who we began home educating back in 1993 (I think)…it was along time ago.  Three of our sons are now “out of the nest.”  Two of them are married.  John and Windy are in Atlanta and expecting their first child, a baby girl, in December.  Jeremy and Jessica live in California with our precious granddaughter Emma and are expecting their second little girl in early March.  Jordan has been at college studying farm and ranch management but is transferring to the Denver area this fall to study music and audio engineering.  Jared is 15 and is a sophomore in high school this year and stays busy with school, sports, scouts and music.

We welcome you to look around our site and get acquainted.  We enjoy some companionship on the journey.


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