Working from Home


I’ve been working from home since the moment we got married.  I’ve tried just about every time management and life balancing technique in the world.  Over the course of our thirty years of marriage I’ve:

– taught piano (My bachelor’s degree is in piano performance)

– opened an instructional music studio

– babysat in my home

– sold Shakley

– sold Tupperware

– was a Tupperware manager

– cleaned houses (I was HORRIBLE at this!)

– was involved in an MLM with John and reached a significant “pin” level

– boarded horses

– directed school and community theater productions

– started a choir

– started and developed an Arts Academy and Conservatory  (Artios Academies)

– group blog owner (Heart of the Matter Online)

– wrote curriculum (my master’s work was in education)

– wrote a book

– homeschooled our four boys (going on 20 years now….yep, I consider this DEFINITELY working from home)

– oversaw vacation rental property

You get the picture!  I love working from home and I love being self-employed.

And, I’ve learned alot because I’ve made a lot of mistakes…and I’ve had alot of successes.

I thought it might be helpful if I shared some of the things I’ve learned over the years…things that HAVE worked…and some things that have NOT worked.

I hope you will join me from time to time and share some of your successes and failures with the rest of us.  Nothing like community to help encourage and inspire ourselves and others.


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